The moments of Gimli

Character Description 4 stars

Gimli, a dwarf with a funny personality, Eragorn and the elf Legolas make up a party with the goal of dethroning the evil king. After months and months of travle the party finally makes its way to the keep of their ally, who are defending against the evil king. Gimli has just finished his afternoon battle and is taking a short rest on one of his fallen enemies. Low and behold the elf comes trotting feigning superiority, probably because he is a prince, saying proudly that he got 42 kills. Well Gimli happily replies that he got 43, ha let the elf… All of a sudden the elf shoots at the dead enemy you are using as a chair. He then says “43” well that little *********** hes trying to tie the great Gimli by cheating… IN MY FACE, that will never happen! The next day came the last of the enemy’s troops, battering against the walls of the castle. Today they have gotten further then ever before, so to keep them at bay. My friend Eragorn and I sneak around the tower to jump the enemies in front of the gate. However there is one sight problem with the plany. Gimli is a little short and cant make it across. Gimli whispers to Eragorn that hes gonna have to toss him across. Eragorn amused, agrees to the request only to get warned by Gimli to not mention this to the the elf.  Later that week Gimli and his friend Eragorn and the elf are traveling through the woods,  trying to escape the horros of the enemy’s that follow them. Gimli of course boasting constantly along the away, swept up in his success against the elf in battle. However right when he is about to finish one of his claims.. they are ambushed by elves. Who turn out to be friends of Legolas’s. However the relationship between Legolas and Gimli seem in the beginning throughout the journey the bound deepens, through battle, adventure, even some drinking games. By the end of this heart felt adventure Gimli and Legolas are the best of friends. As these friends are about to give up hope, the land gives out before them creating a chasm right before their eyes consuming all the enemies. The king has been defeated!

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