Own Assignment #2 Movie Intro

Movie intro 5 stars

As the war began many died, both sides took heavy losses, no other kingdom dared interfere or make a move. All feared the might of these two great kingdoms, but no one could foresee the outcome. Throughout the years many battles took place, but none of those compared to that which took place at The Valley of Kurgosthan. Days and days of just soldiers colliding, until a peasant turned soldier tool command of his troops and for two straight days waded through the forest on the outskirts of the battle. On the third day  the exhausted troops arrived behind the enemy lines, all of them were dressed as the enemy, armor and swords were picked up from the corpses of the enemy’s scouts. In groups of three they split  up to look for the enemy commander. Their orders… to kill, after a three year war,the enemy was destroyed from within, a lone company of soldiers disguised as the enemy infiltrated the commanders tent and won the battle for their kingdom. Only four people made it back alive, those four were awarded the highest honor of knighthood and to this day have their names and their troops names carved in the pages of time.

I found a bunch of different army charging, clips from various movies, then clipped them together and added a bit of music all using VideoPad. Once that was done I brainstormed what I wanted the intro to sound like. After practicing to make sure I wouldn’t mess it up when recording I recorded the real thing. It went perfectly, I added the track to the clip I had made before. I then deleted the sound from the movies, replaced it with the battle music and lowered the sound of it so my narration could be heard and understood. At which point I added the narration I had just done and put into the video so that it ended right before the clips finished. Now because the song wasn’t going its full length I didn’t want it to end abruptly so I added a fade out effect which gave the illusion of the song ending.

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