Good Morning Whitebridge

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I used audacity to record my greeting, at first I didn’t know what to say or what town to use for my greeting. I first decided to think of a town, again I thought back to my favorite series the Wheel of Time, and remembered a small town on a river called Whitebridge. Now that I had picked the town to do my greeting about, my next objective was to think of a good Good Morning greeting. I started with average “Good Morning Whitebridge its a gorgeous day out, enjoy”, this sounded very dry and boring. After changing things and replaying them in my head I figured out what I wanted to say. At which point I practiced saying it out loud to make sure the recording would go well and that it sounded right, I finally felt good about it and settled on what you hear down below. After

Today I am a radio announcer welcoming the new day for my fellow residents in my home town of Whitebridge. Now, my town is not that big but we are happy and have forests surroundingĀ the town. However the best part is that there is a beach nearby on the other side of the forest. This morning looks to be high of 90 degrees and sunny, a perfect day for the residents to head down to the beach to enjoy the sun, maybe get a little bit of a tan. This is the first day in the past 5 days that have not rained, so I am excited to announce this morning of the wonderful day to come.


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  1. You told a great story to support your audio announcer greeting. I did not pick this assignment to complete because I too would of had a hard time of coming up with something to say.

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